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You are welcome to join our discord server!
It's by far the easiest way to get in contact with us!

If you need to contact us and cannot use discord, you can use our support mail.
However, note that we don't check the support mail very often and replies can be very slow.
Which is why we suggest using our discord instead!
Terms, conditions and policies
You can see everything relevant in our terms, conditions and policies.
Are the tibia coins transferable?
All tibia coins we sell are fully transferable.
You can sell them in market, or transfer them to other players without limits!
Can I purchase tibia coins for someone else?
We only care for who's paying for them, what tibia character that should receive them is completely up to you.
Can I sell tibia coins to Coins-Core?
Yes, all you need is an account to sell us your tibia coins!
You can do so by login and going to Sell.

The price we pay for tibia coins may fluctuate depending on a demand and supply basis, however we always try to offer a fair price making our margins as low as possible.
You can see the current price offers on the Sell page there it will display how much you will get for your given amount of tibia coins.
Can I suggest additional payment options
We understand that not everyone can use PayPal, but unfortunately it's the easiest and safest method we can offer at this point.
We want to offer as good prices as possible, either if you're buying or selling tibia coins, which make our margins very slim.
And mixing in other payment methods may offset our margins and force us to change the prices to the worse.
Can I trust Coins-Core?
Yes you can!
We're not some randoms on the internet, we're very known from Core-Series and have years of reputation from there along with more than a decade of personal reputation since before the time of Core-Series.

Go ahead, and check around on the websites, you'll find that Coins-Core is mentioned as part of Core-Series!

If you decide to trust and try Coins-Core, we'd appreciate if you told your friends about your experience using our site!
Why do I have to verify my PayPal email?
If you're a buyer, we want to make sure that you're using your PayPal and that it's not hacked.
This is why no payments are accepted before the PayPal email is verified.

If you're a seller, we want your PayPal email verified so that we can be 100% sure that we send the money to the correct PayPal so the money doesn't disappear in smoke because you made a mistake.
How many PayPal emails can I verify?
There's no strict limit as to how many PayPals you can verify.
Every time you make make a payment with a new PayPal address, it will be added to your account and a verification mail will be sent before the payment is accepted.

So you mustn't worry if you've changed your primary email in your PayPal!

However, we might find it suspicious and try to contact you in case you add a lot of random PayPal addresses.
Do I have to make a 0.50 Eur payment to add a new PayPal?
If you're a buyer, then you don't have make the payment of 0.50 Eur as seen on your account panel, as when you make your first purchase the new PayPal will automatically be added to your account and a verification mail sent at that time.

However, it's a good idea to pre-approve your PayPal as then you don't have to verify it after a purchase, and your deliver time will be shorter as it wont rely on you verifying your PayPal.

Also note that the 0.50 Eur is not a payment, it's a transfer to verify the PayPal exist and is valid, the 0.50 Eur will be refunded back to your PayPal within 24 hours, meaning it doesn't cost you anything!

If you're a seller, you will need to make that 0.50 payment to start a verify process, as it's unlikely you'll make any purchases.
Again, the 0.50 Eur is refunded back within 24 hours!
How do I terminate my account?
If you wish to delete your account you can contact us and ask us.
You will be asked to verify it's really your account, once we're sure that you're the accurate owner, we will terminate the account and all records of it.
Will I receive spamm if I sign up with my email?
No, we do not share our emails with anyone, we value the privacy of every user and will for no reason give out your email to a third party unless required for law-related incidents.
And from us, you'll only get relevant emails, such as confirmations on orders and deliveries.
And maybe occasionally notify emails that stock have been refilled in case in future we face a temporarily shortage.