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Welcome to Coins-Core!
We welcome you with open arms to our site!
We hope you find it useful, wherever in the world you are!
Who are we?
We are a Tibia Coin seller, we sell tibia coins in the game tibia.com but cheaper.
If you're looking to get a little extra tibia coins for your money, then it's us you're looking for!

While Tibia.com sell their TC for around 10.32 Eur, we sell 250 TC for 8.75 Eur (15% cheaper).

Buying your TC's from Coins-Core will give you 17% extra TC to use!
For reference, for 10.32 Eur spent, you'd get:
Tibia.com250 tibia coins
Coins-Core294 tibia coins

And that's quite the difference, isn't it?
Payment Options
We accept payPal to make it easier and more secure for everyone!
Don't let gold sellers fool you!
Don't be fooled by gold sellers, they rely on you to not make the calculations and profit from that!

Buying 250 TC from tibia.com would cost you about 10.32 Eur.
You'd get about 24 TC per Eur.
If you sold your TC's for 43 K/each, which is quite normal value.
For every Euro spent, you'd get 1.0kk.
It means that for every 1,000,000 gold (1kk) you buy this way, it will cost you 0.96 Eur.

But a "gold seller", would drive up the price by at least 30% fromt hese calculations.
The value of TC in market varies a little from world to world, but you can count on that "gold sellers" always cost extra.
And you'd probably pay around 1.25 Eur per 1kk.

At Coins-Core we sell 250 TC for only 8.75 Eur (15% cheaper traditionally, 8% with CipSoft best offer).
It means that for every 1,000,000 gold (1kk) you buy this way, it will cost you 0.81 Eur.

Buying 1kk worth of gold in Euro's put in perspective from the different places:
Gold Sellers1.25 Eur
Tibia.com0.96 Eur
Coins-Core0.81 Eur

Don't be afraid of using the calculator!
Compare your options, make sure you don't get fooled!
How can we be trusted?
The honest answer is we can't be trusted, you can never trust anyone 100% on the internet you've just met.
However, we have no intention on fooling nor scamming anyone!

To us, reputation is everything, and we're not going to drag our hard earned reputation in the mud to make a few bucks, so to speak.

The easiest way to determine how legit something is, is simply by testing it, go for something cheap and give it a go.
And you'll have your answer.

If you've found this site to be trustworthy, we'd appreciate if you told your friends about us!

Additionally, this website is owned by Core-Series.
An owner with almost 15 years of personal reputation, with live non-reset games that's been online for over 5 years.
With that being said, clicking around on the websites, you can verify that this very site isn't owned by some random nobody knows!